Sex Disease Clinic!

Your ex-partner has ended up the local STI clinic, only to be told that they have something extremely disgusting! The nurse on call will prank phone call your victim, but patient confidentiality means they can't say anything, they just want to know the gory details!
To Order Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank Call No.2

How the prank calls work

  1. Simply Call 0906 406 6148. - Have the telephone number of your victim ready.
  2. Listen to the main menu options!
  3. Enter the number of the prank you want to play on the victim!
  4. Enter the victims phone number
  5. Press '#' when they answer - this will start the windup.
  6. The victim will then believe they are talking to a real person.
  7. Secretly listen in to hear both the prank call and the victim's reaction.
  8. Your call will automatically end when either you or your victim hang up
We are a nation of practical jokers! We have literally hundreds of callers making funny prank calls every day!.

It might be a chance to stitch someone up, or just pure revenge, but you'll be making calls to loads of people, you'll love these messages!

Here's your opportunity to get revenge on someone you know! Prank phone call them on their office, home or mobile number! Make sure you get them on loudspeaker, then everyone can hear them making an idiot of themselves!

Every day we get emails telling us how great our pranks our, and we laugh at the feedback ourselves! So if you have a great story about a crank call you made let us know!

Thanks for visiting and have fun!