Our Joke Calls!

How the pranks work!

  1. Choose a windup from the list below.
  2. Call 0906 406 6148. Have the victims number ready.
  3. Listen to the main menu options!
  4. Enter the number of the prank!
  5. Enter your victims telephone number, and press '#' when they answer to start the windup.
  6. Your victim will think they are speaking to a real person.
  7. Hear the phonecall and the victim's reaction in secret.
  8. Your call will end when either you or the victim hang up.
Calls charged at 1.53 per min

Your mobile has been stolen!

stolen phone
Oh no! Your victim has received a prank call reporting their mobile phone as stolen! They can't do anything as their phone will be cut off in 5 minutes! A classic crank call.
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.1 - How the pranks work

Results from the s-e-x disease clinic!

Your ex-partner has gone to the local VD clinic, only to be told that they have something extremely nasty! The nurse prank phone calls your victim, but can't reveal anything, they just need to know if there are any symptoms.
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.2 - How the pranks work

Quentin? I want to speak to Quentin!

A very strange woman contacts your victim in this funny pranks call and asks for Quentin! She will keep calling your victim to demand to know where Quentin is, she has the right number after all! After receiving several phone pranks from Quentin's friends, a very annoyed Quentin wants to know if your victim has any messages for him!
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.3 -
How the pranks work

Phone engineer wants to test your phone!

Oops your victim has a faulty phone! The network provider is a prank caller and makes them believe their phone needs to be tested by their voice recognition system! As part of the funny prank call they will have to repeat some stupid phrases!
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Windup No.4 -
How the windups work

Do you want to be on reality TV?

Crank calls
Fancy being on TV? A reality TV show need an urgent replacement, one of the contestants has fallen ill! Will your victim fall for this hilarious crank call and join the show?
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.9 - How the pranks work

You're LIVE on the radio!

Your victim will be live on the local radio station in 20 seconds! Their ex-partner has been answering questions, and got 3 right. The victim of the prank has to answer some rude questions on this crank call, and if they get them right they will win a luxury holiday with the ex-partner! Remember it's live!
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.7 - How the pranks work

You called me! What do you want?

Stop calling me! Your victim gets multiple prank calls from the same person wondering why your victim keeps calling! This guy is extremely busy, he is not happy, not one bit!!!
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.5 -
How the pranks work

Your order is ready? Where shall we send it?

Ordering from a dodgy website causes problems for your victim who receives a funny crank call confirming their order! They have your victim's name, and will deliver within 10 minutes... they even have the current time and your victims name!
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.6 -
How the pranks work

Messages from the dating agency!

Crank call
Your victim will think they're really popular! A phone prank from a dating agency lets them know they have loads of dating messages from potential 'friends'! The agency plays all the messages back, and asks your victim to record a response...
Call: 0906 406 6148 - Prank No.8 - How the pranks work
Crank calls really wind people up, and they make for perfect practical jokes! Remember Scott Mills on Radio 1, the Jerky Boys or Fonejacker? Your victims will be absolutely clueless! Our phone pranks are so realistic that they will fool everyone!

You can call all of our prank phone call numbers from your landline or mobile, then just enter your victims phone number, sit back, and laugh as we play the crank call! Remember these prank phone calls can be used any time, they aren't just for April Fools Day, they are just as funny any day of the year!