Prank call FAQ?

Are these legal?

Yes! As a telecom provider we operate under strict UK laws.

Will the victim know it's me?

No! The victim will not be able to trace the call. (if the service is used to harass or make nuisance calls then BT can trace the call)

Can the victim here me?

No! The caller cannot hear you laughing.

How much will it cost?

Calls are charged at 1.53 minute to landlines, mobile charges may vary.

How long do the prank calls last?

Calls last as long as you want them to, the call is finished when either you or the victim hang-up.

Are you UK only?

Yes! Our service is for UK residents only.

Who is that speaking?

We use professional actors to record the calls.

How good are the calls?

Only you can be the judge of that, however 90% of our callers go on to make several more calls.