What are prank calls?


1. buffoonery, clowning, frivolity, harlequinade, prank -- (acting like a clown or buffoon)

2. antic, joke, prank, trick, caper, put-on -- (something done for fun and amusement)

Windups, Pranks and Crank calls are when someone receives a trick phone call. The victim thinks the call is from a real person. The victim hardly ever suspects they are the butt of someone's joke. The more the call embarrasses or the angrier the victim gets the funnier.
Great for making your mates sound stupid or for watching your boss turn red.


How good are the calls?

Our pranks are the best there are! We developed these call with professional actors to make sure they are the most convincing prank calls in the UK.

Our callers love the service so much that 90% of callers go on to make additional calls, some make several - now would they do that if they weren't the best?