April fools pranks

Our Aprill Fools Jokes!

How the windups work!

  1. Choose a windup from the list below.
  2. Call 0906 406 6148. Have the victims number ready.
  3. Listen to the main menu options!
  4. Enter the number of the prank!
  5. Enter your victims telephone number, and press '#' when they answer to start the windup.
  6. Your victim will think they are speaking to a real person.
  7. Hear the phonecall and the victim's reaction in secret.
  8. Your call will end when either you or the victim hang up.

Click on prank listed above to find out more

stolen phone
Pick a prank from above than call our prank call phone line.
Call: 0906 406 6148

We have the ideal April Fools Jokes, just select one of our windups from above and you can drive your mates round the twist without them knowing it's you.